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We make dirty grills look like new. Period.

Lynx grill cleaning service
Wolf grill cleaning service

Is your luxury grill not looking very "luxurious"? 


Improper cleaning and maintenance can lead to fires and gas leaks.


Unkempt grills build up carcinogens and attract pests.

Losing Time & Money

We use proper tools and methods to protect your high-end grill.

Let us do the dirty work!


Professional Grill Cleaning Membership

Our service is perfect for:

Homeowners, Property Managers, Vacation Rental Owners, Anyone with a Luxury Grill!

New Memberships are limited to 2 - 4 people per week - Apply now to make sure your grill stays clean:


How it works

 We send a trained technician to visit your property and determine your grills condition and go over all of your options. For this, we charge a small service fee of



If you choose an option while we are there, we will waive this fee. 



Starting at:


Professional Grill Cleaning

Same Time Every Year 


Book a year ahead 

Model and Serial # on file


Classic 2x

Starting at:


Professional Grill Cleaning

2 Cleanings / Year

Discounted Parts

Discounted Service Calls

Priority Scheduling

and much more!

Professional Grill Cleaning

Before & After Gallery

How to become a member


Request Grill Cleaning Service Membership

Call/text us to speak with a rep and become a member.


Get Your Grill Professionally Cleaned

We come clean your grill on schedule and/or when you request service.


Enjoy a Clean, Safe, and Healthy Grill Year Round!

Never worry about a dirty, unsanitary, improper working grill again.

#1 Tristate Area Grill Cleaning Company




Pete was able to disassemble the entire grill, clean all the components and repair some minor damage that was done such that everything is working perfectly and the grill looks brand new.


Need your Weber Grill serviced? Visit

weber Grill cleaning service
Peter Cooke professional grill cleaner in long island new york

Peter Cooke

Owner and Grill Cleaning Master

restored grill

Professional Grill Cleaner

To have a safe, healthy, high-performing grill you need to keep up with regular cleaning and maintenance. The problem is most people don’t have the time or the proper tools and techniques to care for a luxury grill.

We know that there is nothing worse than having your cookout ruined by a dirty or non working grill. Sparkle Grill of Long Island is the Tristate areas #1 BBQ cleaning service. Owner and certified grill cleaning expert Peter Cooke has cleaned and restored thousands of luxury grills through the tristate area. So if you want to protect your investment and enjoy your luxury grill for a lifetime, all you need to do is contact us today, choose a service plan, and enjoy a safe, healthy, high-performing grill that’s just as luxurious as the day you bought it.


Join Today to Keep Your Grill Healthy, Safe, and Operating at Peak Performance.

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