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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I just want one cleaning, do I have to sign up for a membership?
    30% of our customer just clean their grill once a year, every year and do not want to worry about booking it. They just know that it will be taken care of. A deposit is required for this service. it will be written up as an Ala Carte membership, a two year commitment is required.
  • Do you service other brands besides Wolf or Lynx (such as Weber Grills)?
    For Weber grills, please visit: Other brands are considered on a case-by-case basis, we ask the member to enroll as a Classic or VIP Member.
  • Do you service only the Hamptons?
    Many of our Hamptons customers have a second home in other parts or the tri-state area. With an additional travel fee we can and an active subscription we can travel almost anywhere.
  • How much does a grill or oven cleaning cost?
    We have the main package for grill and oven cleaning which entails the most comprehensive needs for optimal results. Hence the name “comprehensive cleaning”. However, if the technician notices anything on-site when actually viewing the unit the price may need to be adjusted. This may include extensive carbon, rust, etc...
  • Can you guarantee that my grill will look brand new?
    I am sure that your grill will be much cleaner and carbon and carcinogen-free when we are finished. However, I cannot guarantee the removal of natural discoloration, rust or heat marks in your grill from overuse or years of neglect.
  • I am a stickler and although it’s impossible to tell since I haven’t cleaned the grill in several years. Now that I am shelling out hard-earned money to finally clean it the right way I want every little mark removed. Please tell me that is possible?
    You qualify for the “extensive cleaning” which is a big step up from the comprehensive cleaning. The extensive cleaning can take a whole day and maybe up to twice or 3 x’s the cost of the comprehensive cleaning.
  • Do you take the grill with you? Or how do you clean the grill?
    Sparkle Grill is like the whole mechanic shop and the car wash coming to your house! We do require running water and access to electricity. We clean onsite covering up your patio and or deck in the process. We use very little water. Although cannot guarantee that your surface area will not get wet after cleaning.
  • What do you need to clean my grill?
    We need a working grill (please state otherwise when booking), access to water and electricity.
  • Can you clean a grill in the winter?
    Yes, we can. We bring spray bottled water in the winter for an additional fee of just $20.
  • Do I need to be home?
    You will not need to be home for the cleaning. We will schedule the cleaning and our software will let you know when your appointment is and when we are on our way. We will send you before and after photos and let you know how we are progressing. If your water is not turned on we will bring our own.
  • Can you fix my grill or get new parts?
    We can fix most grills and order new parts. However if its something we cannot fix or foresee a problem with, we will recommend another direction. Even if it means buying a new grill.
  • How often should I clean my grill?
    We ask that you clean the grill when it's dirty. Some people clean them every quarter or twice a year depending on use. We offer discounts if you at least clean your grill once every season.
  • How can I pay?
    We accept cash, checks or credit card. We also ask that you adhere to our Terms of Service before any visit to your property. If you would like to save an additional $10 off your grill we ask that you pay on our website. Book Online Now
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